Evergreen Way Overseas Education

Evergreen Way Overseas Education is a brand of Evergreen Way Education that specializes in overseas education services. Our team is composed of more than 20 professional counselors and tutors with relevant experience. It is committed to providing parents and students with comprehensive counseling, preparation courses and learning experience of extracurricular activities.

Our parent company, Evergreen Way Education, has provided quality education services to more than 5,000 students over the years, assisting students in enrolling in their favorite schools, and has won the respect of parents. The reputation and quality are beyond doubt. We fully grasp the learning situation of students and understand the needs of parents, so we can provide appropriate and professional overseas education planning and support.

Why choose us

We have been serving more than 5,000 students and parents. Based on our understanding of different types of students over the years, we are good at discovering students’ interests and expertise when assessing students’ needs and providing advice on overseas education, and then formulating long-term plans of overseas education with professional analysis and opinions on various aspects such as selecting countries, schools and curriculums.

We have an excellent lineup of tutors with rich teaching experience. They can provide students with professional and high-level courses. The goal is to directly improve students’ English proficiency and ability to cope with entrance examinations. We are also adept at tailoring individual study plans according to the needs of students, significantly improving their examination scores to make them enroll in their favorite overseas schools.

Service scope

School Selection Analysis

School Application

Entrance Exam Preparation

Interview Training

English Training