Questions about studying in the US:

1. At what age does American private high schools accept applications from international students?

Generally speaking, private high schools in the US accept applications from international students aged 11-16. However, some American high schools will not admit international students at the junior high level. International students can only apply for admission to high level, namely Grade 9-12, and the entrance age of Grade 9 is generally 15 years old.

2. When does American high school start? How many semesters are there every year? How is the holiday like?

The American high school starts in September and there are 2 semesters every year. Each school year includes 2 main holidays (summer holiday and Christmas holiday) and 2 small holidays (Thanksgiving holiday and Easter holiday).

3. What are the characteristics of American private schools?

Many American private schools have a long history and focus on elite education. The school has a strong faculty, an excellent teacher-student ratio and a high quality of education. The school also has first-class facilities and environment and students can enjoy more resources. Students enrolling in American high schools also help to apply for top universities in the world in the US.

4. What are the requirements for admission to American private schools?

Students generally need to pass the SSAT or ISEE exam. Some American private schools also require students to submit TOEFL or SLEP scores. The school will also arrange interviews for students to assess their English proficiency, adaptability and logical thinking.

5. Is there a high chance of students in American private schools going to university?

Students in top American private schools have more than 90% chance of entering Ivy League or Top 50 universities. Students enter American high schools to learn knowledge comprehensively in different fields through their courses. Students can then develop their interest. Many high schools also have tuition classes for English and various subjects, coupled with various learning support, greatly increase students’ chances of entering university.

6. What if a student gets sick or injured in school?

American high schools require international students to purchase medical and accident insurance. When a student is sick or injured, private schools have doctors or nurses stationed in the school as first-line care to determine whether the student needs to be sent to the hospital. The school will also notify parents about the student’s situation.

7. If students are unhappy or have emotional problems, what support will the school provide?

Many American private schools provide students with free counselling and emotional support services to help them relieve stress, overcome social barriers and homesickness, so as to take care of students’ needs outside of school. Some schools also provide senior counseling services for freshmen to help students overcome peer pressure and solve academic problems.

8. If students cannot keep up with their English, how will the school assist students?

American high schools offer ESL (English as Second Language) courses for international students to improve their English proficiency to a level that can smoothly study and live in the US. Of course, not every American high school offers ESL courses and parents should know in advance.